Dear Students,

Welcome to Bootcamp!

All incoming MFA Design and Technology candidates are expected to attend the three week Bootcamp pre-orientation intensive to the graduate degree program scheduled between July 27th - August 15, 2014, weekdays between 9am and 6pm. Exceptions must be approved by the program director in advance.

All students, regardless of their individual backgrounds, will discover how Bootcamp prepares them for the MFA Design and Technology experience. This includes being immersed into basic training for the studio curriculum, including units on Design Practices, Web Standards, and Code for Artists and Designers. Perhaps more importantly, Bootcamp establishes the social connections that form the collegial community of graduate students in the program right from the start, while acquainting newcomers into the culture of the The New School and New York City.

This year we will be kicking off Bootcamp with a Sunday Night Dinner at 6PM in 6 East 16th Street, in the 12th floor lab, with all of the bootcamp faculty and students. A copy of the Bootcamp Registration form can be downloaded here.