Web Final Concept

For my final, I’ve decided to mock up a dashboard of some sort that will display an overview of a DT students’ day. It will be built using jQuery and maybe P5. I’m interested in doing this because I started using the Momentum Chrome extension and would like it to be more personalized for my own use. My public is the DT student body as I’m sure they would easily grasp the concept I’m trying to create. If things were to go well it could expand to other students as well.


Referents: https://momentumdash.com/


The project is different from others because this one is based more so on school whereas others are vague and open. I’ve included the wireframes below:

Web Midterm


Here is the link to my github for the web midterm: https://github.com/jwoa/WebMidterm

A link to the slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1aj_xZuH29QgPTMwDf4Ki3lLi7BCyZD6S4eFcBKWQWjc/edit?usp=sharing

Web Homework – Day 4

I’ve updated the code to have some “pizzazz” as requested with some animations. Hover over the bio, my picture, or the portfolio pictures to see them in action.

Github URL:


Homework Day 3

Hey here is my homework for day three.


I cleaned up the code and used clearer class and div names for positioning:



I drafted up a wireframe in my notebook and then went on to mock it up in Sketch.