7 Train. Some Design Inspirations

Upon studying Graphic & Communication design for my undergrad, I realized that I have a deep appreciation for art, typography & illustration. I am often drawn to simple solutions that use innovative methods & techniques. One of my favorite design studios is DIA: They're a studio...

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7. Website Inspo

I enjoy the simplicity of : The playfulness of:  (no shame) Ultimate inspo?! Definitely: (for both interactivity & simplicity in design)  (mostly for its interactivity)...

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7. Designer That Uses Code

Matteo Mauro is an Italian designer with an architectural and art background. He used code to design a program which creates generative designs based on different inputs. The outcomes are interesting as they often look like elaborate paintings.   [embed][/embed] + Series // Fictional Landscapes + Brief Description // Fictional Landscapes...

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