This video was made as a week1-design project to reflect on Chapter 2, ‘Maurilia’ of Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities”.

From the mind-mapI essentially wanted to show the ‘modern’ and the ‘old’ parts of the cities and the fact that you can never separate them and they both are timeless.

I have not mentioned time in the mind-map, but I have used “history” in the domain map, and the life and culture of the city itself, acts as a unit of time.

Therefore, every 1-second of the video reflects one location, one emotion, one feel of the city. With every moving second, I tried to encompass the entire vibe of the city within just 120 seconds. This also tries to symbolize the city as a unit of time. While your eyes are viewing the ‘modern’ cut, 

While your eyes are viewing the ‘modern’ city, the background classical music keeps reminding you of the “history” that the city “has”, and since this runs simultaneously on the human senses, that depicts the fact that the cities entire origin and modern history cannot be separated. So a city in itself is what it is and was and no one can separate it unless then enforce strong and rigid personal perception.

You can access the Presentation here