Web final concept

Concept statement

I’m going to make an introduction website of one of my previous product design project which contains 9 different kinds of Chinese traditional tea. I wanna let people know more about teas and their origins through illustrations and videos.

Why am I interested

Drinking tea is one of my grandpa’s favourite during his spare time, but I was lack of passion for a long time until one day I heard of a song from my favourite pop star, Jay Chou. The song was about an ancient scholar who wrote the first book of Chinese tea, and suddenly I got interested in the tea culture.

According to research and interviews, I found that only a few of the youngs know about Chinese tea. But almost no one knows exactly about the classification, history, drinking methods or taste of different kind of tea. What I wanted was to make people interested in tea culture and spread some less popular knowledge of Chinese tea to my users.

My public

Young generations who want to know more about tea culture.


I combine the elements TEA and MOUNTAIN together to display this product from a different view. A dynamic website gives the possibilities that people can learn about the culture and the product through interactive, interesting ways.

Mid-term Website Summary

link: https://github.com/iristy318/web-midterm-Iris.git






















  • two divs half & half
  • positioning
  • id & class
  • composing

Future Steps:

  • Add detailed page of each project
  • Promote the transition effect
  • Think of better ways to compose
  • Add background sound