Web Mid Term Project

[Web] Final Concept

I would like to use Twitter’s Search API to aggregate a collection of tweets containing the phrase “I wish”. The website will visually display the tweets, and the user can look through people’s wishes.

Web – Final Concept

Final Web Concept

For my final web concept, I want to focus more on the fashion industry. This website will highlight current trends and specific collections that are being just now being introduced to the public. I don’t want it to be like an average fashion blog. I want to have less narrative and more image heavy. I have an interest in fashion but have never pushed myself to contribute in any way to the fashion industry. I figured I can have this project push me more into that direction.


Web Final Ideas

Two topics near and dear to me both aim to improve lifestyle especially that of the African American community.

health and fitness site – provides basic, but fun and interactive ways to inform people about health and nutrition.

  • basic recipes that appeal to black culture, healthy but taste good. Most importantly, it must be foods that we are familiar with.
  • recipes could be interactive to breakdown terminology barriers, or for those that have simply never stepped into a kitchen.

interactive education website about selected topics:

  • math, history, design, engineering etc.
  • creates a visual for hard to grasp concepts.



Code: Original Pattern













PShape s; // The PShape starting pattern
PVector pos;
PVector vel, grav;
float theta = 0;
float angle;

void setup() {
size(800, 800);

//movement and behavior
pos = new PVector(0,0);
vel = new PVector(0,1.5);
grav = new PVector(0,1);
// Creating a custom via vertices
s = createShape();
s.fill(0, 1);
s.vertex(170, 284);
s.vertex(335, 278);
s.vertex(328, 260);
s.vertex(453, 163);
s.vertex(453, 324);
s.vertex(475, 314);
s.vertex(574, 440);
s.vertex(410, 440);
s.vertex(420, 455);
s.vertex(287, 550);
s.vertex(291, 391);
s.vertex(270, 403);

void draw() {
//pos.x = scale(
// for(int i=0, i<10, i++){
// i* cos(theta)
// }
// );

//pos.x = 1 * cos(theta);
//pos.y = 2 * sin(theta);

translate(width/2, height/2);
shape(s, pos.x, pos.y);

////translate(width/2, pos.y);
////shape(s, 0, 0);

//theta += .1;
//scale() += 0.1;