Design HCD Project Presentation – Youchun Zhang


Bike trip is hard to plan due to multiple changing factors – weather, traffic, finding a bike nearby.


Design Question

I wish that there would be one single entry point so that getting the information to plan a bike trip wouldn’t be so hard.



Alex is a Youtuber. He makes videos and likes biking around. Every morning, he would ride to a cafe and get an Americano. Today he is planning to make a video about street performers. There are two places he would like to go. One is in a park. The other one is along the river bank. He plans to go to both places by bike.



Smart Biking is an everyday biking supporting service. It provides a daily briefing of the biking conditions in the city where the subscriber lives in. It can also be served as a chatbot and an application inside the message apps. The information it would cover includes weather forecast, real-time traffic update, navigation (specifically for biking routes), and helping the user find a shared bike or a guided bike tour. It analyzes data from almost everywhere and construct information based on that.


Icons – credit to

Andreas Wikström from the Noun Project
luis pachon from the Noun Project
Adrien Coquet from the Noun Project
Hans from the Noun Project

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