Design Project Catastrophe Presentation – Youchun Zhang


Chelsea Piers Overview

Chelsea Piers is a series of piers in Chelsea located to the east of Hudson River. The piers is currently used for sports and entertainment.


Design Question

I would like to design a system that warns of danger and facilitates the evacuation.



Paul works at the PIER 60 parking. His job responsibilities are to overlook the garage and help with the valet parking. His work starts at 8 am, and ends at 6 pm. Today he is a little bit late because of the traffic. 

The weather becomes really worse at around 10. He is shocked finding the waves in the Hudson river. He calls his manager immediately, and surprisingly they are informed that they should evacuated to the nearest evacuation center. He then walks to the nearest exit, and while he is walking, he talks to the people nearby to evacuate with him together. He arrives at the evacuation center at 15th street about 1 hour later.



There are four components designed in this evacuation system – a cloud server that hosts all the information and talks to the other components; a real-time data collecting device that reports the water level;  an consumer app that alerts the users and notifies about the most applicable way to evacuate; and a dashboard that monitors and visualizes the system status and evacuation report.


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