Human Centered Design – HW – Miguel Hidalgo

Mind map

Design questions

Eating alone in some social scenarios makes the meal boring, limiting and in certain cases sad. I wonder is there is a way to match people with similar interests at the time for dinner or lunch to spare them from spending a meal alone


HMWs How might we

  • How might we match strangers with similar interest for a meal to spare them from a lonely meal
  • How might we identify and match peoples varied interest
  • How might we ensure that no one is matched to someone who would make the meal worse
  •  How might we single out creeps and perverts from trying to make this meal uncomfortable
  • How might we find people interested on not eating alone
  • How might we understand when people want to eat alone and when would they prefer company
  •  How might we sync different people’s schedules to have them meet together
  •  How might we make restaurants participate in this activity
  • How might we make restaurants benefit from merge single customers into communal tables
  • How might we know if two different people will have chemistry
  • How might we rate the experiences that happen from people sharing a meal
  • How might we help people split a bill in two.
  • How might we help people break the ice when they are paired with a stranger
  • How might we earn people’s trust since we are paring them with someone they don’t know
  • How might we simplify the system into an app or site that informs them of their next shared meal
  • How might we identify opportunities to match people together in scenarios that could involve more than 3 or 4 people.
  • How might we help others meet new people in cities or places where they are new or no nobody.
  • How might we incentive new users to continue participating

Challenge & Goals


  • Earning people’s trust
  • People using this to use it for dates and not for a inoffensive meal
  • Keeping creeps from using the system
  • Avoiding the awkward moment of paying the bill
  • Matching people’s true interest
  • Matching people’s schedules
  • Having people agree on a place to eat


  • Having people enjoy a meal in company
  • Having people share the cost of meals that otherwise would be more expensive
  • Have people meet other people with similar interest or goals
  • Have people meet for the sake of meeting new people
  • Make a dinner/lunch more enjoyable in company than individually
  • Make people try new places and foods
  • Make people less anxious about being alone in new cities or when traveling
  • Make big communal tables a more common thing
  • Not to have people only eat with one other person, but instead encourage them to meet with other 2 or 3 people.

Design Statement

I am exploring the challenges of scheduling strangers together based on interests because I want to find out how can we pair them for meals in order to spare them from having a dinner or lunch alone.

I will be approaching this project from the lens of User Interface Design.

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