M Train – Design – Week 1: Reflection

This has been a very challenging week in design for myself. Outside of physical obstacles (like, sleep), this is the first time I’ve ever taken a design course in a college environment.

Day One

In our first class, we explored ways of structuring mind-maps. Alison and I initially came up with the map below to find connections between DT and Parsons.

Then our class compared our connections.

It was interesting to see how we all had various approaches to finding connections between subjects. Although something like ‘fashion design’ was placed in the Parsons category, we could connect it to DT through ‘wearable tech.’

Day Two

Our conversations about dividing details into categories continued with identifying good components of design and unsuccessful components of design. I chose to investigate my trash can.

This prompted us to discuss what it means to define something as ‘good’ design. We all have subjective points of view, and something that may be good from a business or service stand point might not have good visual design but is good service design.

Day Three

After speaking about bad decisions, we were prompted to select a problem we would want to find a solution to. I selected the collection and ownership of Personal Medical Records.


Day Four

We used the problem we presented to the class to write a design statement that targeted our idea more specifically. We then identified how our research would be informed by our purpose and target audience.

To further understand our design statement, we made storyboards of our problem to show a user’s journey.

Day Five

Using everything we learned throughout the week, we then presented on our design process for a previous project we made prior to bootcamp. I chose to talk about an artwork I made for my BFA thesis exhibition. You can view this on SlideShare:

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