HCD project outline:
a. a mind map

b. some design questions

  • is the boarding pass actually perfect today?
  • are we taking it for granted?
  • if a door can be debated as a Norman door, is a global boarding pass design perfect?
  • can daily travel signages be harmful?
  • Remember the Miss Universe blunder and the Oscar Best Film announcement goof-up of 2017?
  • Can we reed it write?

c. challenges

  • Different people, age groups, disabilities
  • Human Circumstances
  • Standardization
  • Fancy branding vs Aesthetics vs Minimalism
  • Feedback was hazy
  • Larger sample space
  • Targeting audiences
  • Need more circumstances

d. a design statement 

“How can I make the Boarding Pass truly global and absorbed by all kinds of travelers very easily, for most circumstances”.

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