L-Train: CODE: Processing Homework

CODE: Processing Homework Creating a pattern using "for" loop   I have used "for" loop to create a pattern. It has 3 parts: The background: a gradient which changes on changing the values of mouseX (moving the mouse horizontally) A pattern of ellipses in the center A pattern...

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2 Train | code

int num = 50; float[] x1 = new float[num]; float[] y1 = new float[num]; float[] x2= new float[num]; float[] y2 = new float[num]; float[] x3 = new float[num]; float[] y3 = new float[num]; void setup(){ size(640,320); noStroke(); } void draw(){ background(0); fill(255); for (int i = 0; i < num-3; i++){ x1[i] = x1[i+3]; y1[i] = y1[i+3]; x2[1] = x2[i+3]+5; y2[1] = y2[i+3]+5; x3[1]...

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M Train – Web – Week 1: Reflection

Intro This week, we wireframed and worked towards a new iteration of our personal websites. Background I have already made a lot of different versions of my personal website and have struggled to find a good balance between something clean and simple but not too corporate in appearance. ...

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