M Train-Code Interactive Sketch

int x=mouseX; int y=mouseY; int speedX=6; int speedY=8; void setup(){ size(800, 600); } void draw(){ background(255); if (keyPressed==false){ x=x+speedX; y=y+speedY; if ((x>width)||(x<0)){ speedX=speedX*(-1); } if ((y>height)||(y<0)){ speedY=speedY*(-1); } noStroke(); fill(0); ellipse(x, y, 20, 20); }else{ noStroke(); fill(200); ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 20, 20); x=mouseX; y=mouseY; } }...

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Design References (Week 1)

SOLUBLE PACKAGING: The food packaging decays as you consume its contents so there is no wastage and the product and package are both consumed together. PAPERCLIP: It’s a great design because it’s one of the simplest designs there is, and it accomplishes a lot with just one thin...

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