Casey Reas and Luke Du Bois: Artists Working in Code

Artists Working in Code: Casey Reas is the artist and programmer who developed Processing.  Some favorite projects include KNBC ( and Primitive ( Websites: and Luke DuBois is an artist, programmer, and composer.  He also co-authored Jiiter.  Some favorite projects include Take a Bullet for This City (

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J-Design: Indoor Composting

Mind Map Design Statement I am exploring composting because I want to find out what its potential is, in order to figure out how to achieve indoor composting for apartment tenants. Although there are products out there that already attempt to address indoor composting, they are still...

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Jdesign Ruobing Cai mindmap

Sometimes or a lot of times, people see there’re others on the street who needs help, however, fo me safety concerns or other reasons like they could not find any reliable help who knows how to take care of those people properly, they could...

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