Train 6 – Wireframes, 7/31

Portfolio site progress so far! Screenshot looks a little weird because of the parallax oops, so I'm popping the link in here as well. Also, I haven't done the navbar yet, so hopefully that will happen tomorrow.       [caption id="attachment_754" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Here is my wireframe for...

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2 Train | Artist: Samuel Honigstein

Samuel Honigstein is a creative technologist and a 3D developer, based in London and Paris. His work "Lunar, an architect living post" creates an infinite space that's made up by the mountainous grid, screen space lines, and moon-like ellipses. It's simple and minimalistic, but the moving wave and...

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6 Train | Day one_Processing Artist_by Nancy

CAN Geometry Textures Shaders by Amnon Owed, Blog post: Source code: Music: Two Door Cinema Club - Someday Why do I like this work? The massive amount of lines in this project formed in a certain way creates a rich and sophisticated visual experience that I super enjoyed. The lines...

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