Day 3: Face.of.our.Dreams


Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities refers to Zobeide, a city of desire where strangers have travelled far and wide to build a labyrinth, serpentine terrain.

They arrive to build their own maze in pursuit of a phantom – a naked women that they have seen running in their dreams. While they have all seen the same phantom, each have dreamt their own path to finally trap her where they have intimated her loss.

Over time, the pursuit of this phantom is forgotten. Newcomers find it an ugly city, unable to conceive why it was built.


Day 1: Website Inspirations

Mind Map


Day 1: Website Inspirations


How a tiny Florida community could influence the way we fight Zika around the world.


This is an article on FiveThirtyEight that uses Javascript, infographics and images to bring to life the impact of a Florida community’s decision not to consent to a research experiment that could reduce the population of Zika-carrying mosquitoes “organically”.

Facets of Appreciation
  • Pieces coming together (parts of the whole) concept visualized
  • Slider infographics to explain difficult concepts
  • Large images to give character to the story


Last.Fm Login page


This has maintained the #1 site in my heart for many years, tracking and visualizing (or otherwise making it possible to visualize) my evolving music taste since I was 19.

Facets of Appreciation
  • Recommended artist interactives
  • Historical exploration interactives
  • Population impact interactives


OECD Better Life Index


An OECD interactive that visualizes the results of its Better Life Index report. Individuals can rank their top priorities and see how their personal preferences report the best places for them to realize a Better Life, according to the data from OECD’s research.

Facets of Appreciation
  • Population health data
  • Interactive display of data
  • Compare and view data’s implication for unique perspectives