Design of first week!

Day 001: Intro to design!

As a student with no design background, I was so nervous/excited!

On the first day we learned three different kinds of map: mind map, concept map, and domain map!

This is something I’ve never done before, and these process give me a brif intro of how to think like a designer.

Day 002: Good Design vs Bad Design

Everyone shared a good and a bad design today.

This force me so see my daily life in a hole new aspect, I try to find the design problem that is so common that are always ignored.

I learned that design is  everywhere.

Day 003: Brain Strom!

I try to solve the problem of self-loathing among new artists, but when it comes to brain stroms, I wasn’t so good at it.

I found out I always go with the safe solutions and give up easily on those crazy ideas. I think that’s somthing I need to work on.


Day 004: Design Statement And Storyboard

We did our presentation of a design statement.

Then we learnd the basic of storyboard. I always love animation so storyboard is not something that is new to me, but i didn’t know much about it’s fuction in design process.

Day 005: Presentation-WHAT IT WAS MIDTERM?!

At the end of the week, we finished our midterm without knowing that.

I really thank Carla for doing this because I’m already nervious enough when I’m doing presentation.

I learned a lot this week! As a new beginer in design, this week’s work really helped me in having a whole view in design!


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