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The trip to Ellis Island a better trip than I anticipated. I begrudgingly went thinking that this was an interruption of my work towards my final, but it turned to be a nice reprieve that helped me step back from my work and re-approach it with a new energy. The tours were also a great experience. I went through the “Ellis Experience Tour” and the “New Immigrant Tour”. It was fascinating to see the process in which people went through to get into this country, and the impressive number of people that the island processed on a daily basis. More than anything I was intrigued by the New Immigrant Tour. I didn’t realize that we are currently experiencing an influx in immigration similar to that of the golden age of Ellis Island. While going through the exhibit I was drawn to the pattern that economic strife or abuse of power are the major driving force for people to emigrate. It has definitely inspired me to look at things from a different perspective and keep the things I learned today in the back of my mind while creating future designs.


On my way to Ellis Island

The main hall Ellis Island

Headed back to the city

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