2 Train Code Midterm

I had previously made a text adventure using Unity, but making one with processing was far more enlightening. Creating this game required a clear line of logic, and a more than basic grasp of arrays. I dove right into writing the code, and thought it would be easy. I quickly realized my mistake. I didn’t do any pseudo code, nor did I do anymore planning beyond the flowchart. I quickly learned that my flow chart was far too convoluted. I became lost and frustrated and deleted much of my code. I re-evaluated my flowchart, and reorganized it. I developed some pseudo code and approached coding again. This time it was very easy. I followed the clear path of logic my new flowchart created and used my pseudo code to remind me of what needs to be done. As I wrote my new code I began to recognize lines that I had previously deleted. It was a mistake to delete the previous code, I could’ve saved myself some time. Luckily this was a small script so it wasn’t detrimental, but in future projects I will comment out my work until I have a working alternative.


In the end I am very proud of the work and progress I have made working on this midterm, and am grateful for the lessons I have learned.

Processing file:

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