2 Train | Design wallet experience

I worked with Ping. She has a very minimalistic style. She showed me some of her belongings, and most of them are black and simple-designed. She chose an accent color-pink to pair with black.

One of her biggest concern is: her current cardholder is very tight. With the larger amount of cards that she has, being in a compact sleeve compresses all the cards and causes bending and breaking. Thus, my main focus for the wallet is to solve that problem. I made the depth of the wallet expandable by folding in and out, so if she has a lot of cards, they won’t scratch each other.


Another request she has is that having a little coin pocket that she doesn’t usually have. She doesn’t like coins but she does like the idea of having a place to keep 1 or 2 changes. So I added a very small and compact pocket where she can store a coin or two.


In general, the experience was very fun and entertaining. We learned to thoroughly think about what the other person really needs and designed the ideal outcome in each other’s shoe.

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