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James Turrell


James Turrell is an artist, his works usually involved and explore the relationship between light and space.

I really like his index page, it is really clear what this wibsite is about– explore the work and learn more. It is very simple and straight forward, this is what I need to work on for my website.



Ueno is a digital agency, they spacialize in various line of works such as branding and marketing.

Ueno website has a lot of java animations, which makes the webiste more playful and interactive. It works really well with the company’s philosophy and their style of design. Even though they have a lot work to showcase, but in the index page they chose to just pick one to feature on, I think this is really cleaver.

Also, when going into their Work page, they have a filter that you can select what category of work that you would like to see.

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