Design 1st Week Post

First Week Design Post

Shuqi Zhu

The very first week, I finally learned how to think efficiently and logically as a designer. To refresh my memory, I would love to sum it up with my own opinions.

First of all, pay attention to daily-life details to find out problems which people may not even notice. In that case, when Carla wanted me to think anout a problem, I choose a one that DT students may encounter in the future—with no friends walking together at late night. Although tragic cases are rare, students would still feel unsafe and lonely if walking alone at 12 a.m.

In that case, I consider an App as an ideal solution to solve that problem.

“I am exploring the ways to guarantee safety and generate a feeling of safety because I want to find out how people feel safe enough in order to walk at late night.

I will be approaching this project from the lens of students who have late classes or finals.

We are studying alarm systems and psychology on the fear of being alone and unsafe.”

Therefore, I want my app to have two main functions: first, find a night-walking friend; second, alarm people in emergency contacts when users do not respond in a time slot. Below are the brain-storming and story board.

Also, I shared my research process about a food replacement product in class. I did not prepare well, but luckily I got many good suggestions. Next time, I must stay confident and focus on the expectation of my audience. Try not to think about my non-design background and have the full ambition.

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