6 Train, Code: Artist/Designer Working with Code

Paolo Pedercini is an artist, game designer, and founder of Molleindustria whose work explores the intersection of ideology and entertainment. In his artist statement he says he views “games as objects to think about complex systems and abstract concepts.” He also writes some of his work in and contributes to Processing, using p5.js.


Here are some examples of his work:


Unmanned: Two-channel narrative game about the daily routine of a drone pilot.


Phone Story: “Educational” game for smart phones about the social cost of electronic manufacturing. First accepted then banned from the App store. The video Shows the full playthrough.



Every Day the Same Dream: An existential game about alienation and refusal of labor.

Terminal Air: Dynamic mapping of flights involved in the CIA extraordinary rendition program.
Collaboration with the Institute for Applied Autonomy and with experimental geographer Trevor Paglen.
Data visualization.



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