6 Train, Web: Midterm

Hi, I’m Sean Scanlan – here are a few things about me:

  • I live in Brooklyn
  • I worked as a programmer before coming to MFADT
  • I have a  cool pickup truck

For background research on my portfolio website I looked into Brutalism.

UMass Dartmouth campus, designed by Paul Rudolph


Dhaka parliament building, designed by Louis Kahn


Brutalism is an architectural style that flourished from the mid 50s to mid 80s. It is notable for its heavy use of concrete and movement away from ornateness, and its emphasis on not clouding the form and function of objects.

As applied to web design, this basically means you should highlight that what you’re looking at is in fact a website, it should move away from preciousness and towards heavy, blocky elements, and it should use web standards and web specific artifacts.

Here are some examples of Brutalist web design:


For my sitemap I wanted to keep things simple: only a landing/portfolio page, an about page, and a past work page:

Here was the wireframe I initially came up with:

And here is my live website.

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