7-Design Wallet Prototyping

This past week we were all instructed to prototype a wallet for a partner based on their specifications. My partner, Shuqi, requested that her wallet be dark in color (to hide stains), prominently feature a slot to insert photos into, have some sort of password protection/lock, and it could be any shape/ size.

My first attempt (pictured below, in the photo it’s above the 2nd attempt) had a flap that covered the photo slot slightly. Upon creating this first prototype, Shuqi told me that she also wanted the wallet to be slightly thicker, worried that her cards/ money might not fit. I was also considering creating a number lock of some kind to secure the wallet. On my second attempt,  though, I decided to add a fingerprint scanner, which my partner was satisfied with. In the prototype I ended up using blue tape (because of the lack of resources), which ended up being a happy accident because although Shuqi specified that she wanted a dark wallet, her favorite color is blue!

Overall the wallet exercise was a success and my partner was happy with her wallet!


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