7-Design Week in Review

We started off the week talking about prototypes, and how to create the most efficient prototype that, while simple, communicates our concept effectively.

On Tuesday we went on to discuss the relationship between design and research, outlining the ways in which research can serve as a design tool, design can serve as a research tool, and design and research can occur simultaneously. Specifically, my partner and I presented on an example that used design as a research tool, Rygh’s 2.5D material samples. She and a team developed a tool to print 2.5D materials. Because potential designers did not have examples to see ways in which the material was used, Rygh worked to design various examples in order to gain knowledge about applications for the material. My presentation about this can be found here!

The next day we were introduced to several applications for creative technology, which then led to an activity in which we needed to design a product or service for New Yorkers to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Below are some photos showcasing our design. Essentially we designed a solution that tackled NYC’s trash problem and also it’s zombie problem. We proposed a subscription box that takes trash around the city, injects it with human flavoring, and shapes it to look like human parts in order to deter zombies from eating real humans.

Thursday I gave a presentation about an artis whose work I love, Behnaz Farahi, and the ways in which her designs are incredibly captivating. The presentation can be found here. We also went over presentation guidelines for the final presentation and for our concept presentation the next day.

Friday we gave presentation for our concepts and we were given feedback to help us home in on our final project idea. My final presentation can be found here.

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