7-Design Week Recap

The beginning of this week was focused on prototyping. The goal of an early prototype is efficiency. It needs to make a concept or a product understandable, without adding superfluous details.

On Tuesday we talked about design as research, and each group presented on a different example of this. JC and I talked about the Wright Brothers, whose work wasn’t about producing a single end product, but instead about understanding how flight works.

On Wednesday we got back to prototyping, and worked on a concept around surviving a Zombie apocalypse in New York City. It was interesting to see how each group approached the issue differently. My group prototyped a high level response to the issue – how we would build a system for New Yorkers to navigate an apocalypse safely – while the other group designed a specific product.

Thursday, I presented on a project called Anlee, where a group of artists bought the rights to a fictional character and did works placing her in different contexts.

On Friday we presented our final project proposals, and got feedback from the class and guest critics.

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