7 – Train Good Design Inspiration

#1 Corkatoo Bottle Opener

It has two level notches. While you spin the screw in to the cork, then stuck the first level notch on the edge around the cork. Then you can lift the other side of the opener(the bird tail in the image). When the cork is lift up, you can stuck the second notch and lift out the cork completely. To my personal experience of using this kind of bottle opener, it is easier then the tradition one. and you dong need to have another one help to stabilized the bottle.


#2 Macbook charager

This design should have been mentioned many times. The magnet end of the charge ensure that when the charge line is kick off by someone accidentally, the laptop won’t be dragged to the ground.


Image result for ford fusion seat adjustment

#vehicle seat adjustment buttons(Image from Ford Fusion)

The seat adjustment buttons in Ford Fusion is really handy to use. It can help adjust the seat’s back and bottom. Ford divides the buttons into two separate buttons. One for back and one for bottom. And they related them by arranging them in the shape of seat. It makes the driver is able to adjust the seat the way with their intuitive. They don’t need to look at the seat or even read the instruction

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