7 Train. Some Design Inspirations

Upon studying Graphic & Communication design for my undergrad, I realized that I have a deep appreciation for art, typography & illustration. I am often drawn to simple solutions that use innovative methods & techniques.

  1. One of my favorite design studios is DIA:

They’re a studio that specialized in kinetic yet minimalistic brand experiences. They rely heavily on typography, manipulating simple fonts to have a mesmerizing flow.

2. On the same note,  two examples of branding solutions I like: this new creative branding solution for SFMOMA is also one of my favorites. It has simple but dynamic qualities that ultimately reflect the brand, but in a different way.

and   Creates a modular system for the brand that almost acts as a new language.

3. On a different note, I am very inspired by generative design. Design that uses data to create beautiful shapes & experiences that is also directly related to the brand’s data.

These  are great examples of the implementation of Generative design in branding: 


“Oi!” – Wolff Olins designs telecoms logo which reacts to the human voice…

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