7 Train. Wallet Exercise

In this exercise, we were asked to pair up with someone from a different train, do a quick little interview and create the perfect wallet according to their need. I paired up with Allison, who wanted something secure, practical and stylish. She mentioned that she mostly uses her card or apple pay, but would appreciate something that would hold occasional cash & coins.

When I asked her about her current wallet, she said she had one, but never uses it as it is too chunky, so she has resorted to dumping all her stuff in a little canvas bag.

I then asked about her sign in card situation, she told me she feels the need to pull out her Parsons card every time she enters the building, which is often a pain for her to do.

Finally, she mentioned she liked the “wallet on a chain/belt” look that has been trendy lately, but thinks they often look too obviously like wallets. She would however, love to have something that could hang off her yet she would still feel secure about.

So, I designed for her a modular wallet with three parts. The first and main part is a card holder that is based on (fig 1)’s secure design (in which they cannot be accessed easily, and the metal deters NRF readers). On it would be a tracking chip in case it gets lost. And on its bottom corner would be a little hook ring.

Around it would be a detachable & interchangeable leather piece, which has an extra slit for her Parsons ID for easy access to enter the building. Finally there is a detachable cash & coin pocket that she can also add to the leather layer using a sturdy clasp system. (or velcro.. but that wouldnt look pretty)

Both these pieces would be made out of vibrant colored water deterring leather, to create a stylish color blocked look that would look interesting hanging off a chain.


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