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For my inspirational design I chose to focus on door handles. I think they are one of the most common object we interact to on the daily basis, and yet there still much improvement to be made.


1) The PullClean is a hospital door handle that dispenses sanitizer. This is the door handle specifically designed for hospitals. It looked into a specific area and didn’t try to solve every single problem, rather focused on one thing — People dying from infections acquired from the hospitals. Hospitals are full of touch points, by adding hand sanitizer on the door handle it becomes less of a task for the busy hospital staff, and reduce the chances of them not having clean hands.



2)This is the door handle I saw at the Amazon HQ bathroom. In fact I liked it so much I happen to take a video of it. I love how simple it looks and how intuitive it is. The great thing about this door handle is that it also acts as the lock. The tactile feedback is also very satisfying!





3)This is a foot operated door opening system. I wouldn’t say it is my favorite design or that I even like it a lot. However, I do think it is a area with huge potentials and great designed focused on that can be put into good use.



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