7Design-The Wallet prototype

We were given the task to design a wallet for our partner who we’ve never met before.

To design a desirable wallet for my partner Noah, we started with an interview on how he uses his wallets, what are some of his habits, what did he like or dislike about his current wallet and what he wish it could do.


After learning about Noah’s wallet preference I noticed, He likes more compact wallet that can hold lots of cards, so for his wallet I created this three folds with multiple card slots, and a magnetic clip to secure the wallet as well as compress it down so it fits in his pockets, where he carries he wallets all the time.


However, after showing Noah his new wallet, he had to me that he liked the feature and the folds, but he also really wanted something more high tech, something anti-theft, and easier for him to find his wallet. He has also mentioned that he uses Apple Pay a lot and wish that could be a feature in his new Wallet.

According to his new requests I then started another prototype, hope to represent what Noah wants:

The new prototype kept all his favorite features from the previous model but added an RFID chip to accommodate his needs for a wallet that can be easily found though his phone.


Here is Noah with his new Wallet:

(*Insert smiley faces here 🙂  )

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