7Design- Week2 Recap

Weekly Recap,

This week we main focused on prototyping and research as part of the design process.

On Monday we started our discussion about different types and stages of prototypes. We were given the task to team up with a classmate and learn different research approach based after school.

On Tuesday we dived deep into different design research methods and how each other can effect the out come of the entire process, whether it’s a specific product or gaining knowledge in certain area. When then had a rapid prototype session which I will talk about more in detail in another post.

On Wednesday we did an exercise with group members to create a service or product on one of the scenarios given. Our group chose to save the world from zombies, and here are some photos of our design process:

developing concept

high fidelity prototyping

package design

(and user testing…)


On Thursday and Friday we were preparing for our presentation on our final project concept. We went over the key elements on Thursday and everyone presented on Friday. We also had the luck to get guests critique on our topics, everyone had really cool projects in mind. It was a very productive and helpful session to prepare us for our final presentation


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