7Design- Weekly Summary

Day 1:

During Day 1 at Design Bootcamp we started by learning about mind mapping to help us develop ideas. Later on during lecture we also had a mind mapping exercise to help us get a feel about how mind mapping works. We were able to find similar ideas among our groups and form different domains from the mind map we created to show us how to identify a more focused idea.


Day 2:

On day two we focused on Research and different methods of research. We talked about quantitative data and qualitative date, compared secondary and primary researches. In addition, we also looked into how to conduct a research that is useful. One thing I personally think is really important and I tend to forget is to continuing researches after iterations and prototypes. We also had the chance to watch part of Abstract where we looked in depth of Tinker Hatfield’s Design process.



Today we talked about Ideation and different stages of ideation. We talked about non-liner thinking which also corresponded to how research works, we continue develop our ideas, create prototypes, testing the prototype and go back in for more ideation. We also watched a video from IDEO and observed how they start brainstorm.



Today we focused on Storyboarding and its importance to how it helps us visualize and predict user experience. While creating the story board, you will also have a chance to noticed the flow and what can be improved. During class had an exercise, we started by forming a story together and each person get assigned to a scene. Together we created a story board according to the story we came yup with.



Today we presented our previous work to show how we use brainstorm, research and prototype in our work. Everyone had amazing presentation, I was very impressed by how talented everyone is!

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