The first week of the bootcamp has already passed through, and I am so full of new things learned!

DAY1: I really liked how we got to know each others by telling small facts about us. First activity we did was drawing out our mind map about bootcamp. The results were varying and interesting. I learned that one subject can lead to many many thoughts and it can be better discussed when it’s done by group because each person has different ideas/occasions/experience. And realized that mapping strategy is extremely important in designing in terms of getting the idea bold and strongly structured.

DAY2: Students were to present what they thought were good designs and bad designs. Throughout everyone’s presentation, It was well absorbing was that there wasn’t a single idea that was duplicated(maybe one). Sharing helped learn more beyond what I’ve already found. and It for sure expanded my thinking and knowledge area. I loved how each person was fairly participating onto comments and discussions. 20-mins-video about the NIKE shoe designer Tinker Hatfield was a mind-blowing moment of the day. His works and the massive design processes behind one final design was inspirational. I felt that he was not afraid of putting a wrong design, trying out limitless variations, and spend great time on researching. Bad designs are just one of required design processes for a better design solution. Lessons on research, I learned that if you learn&know more about the problem or situation, there are more possibilities/chances to find right answers/solutions. And that being observational is important.

Day 3: Each student talked about what initial problem and how the problem they think can be resolved. By hearing other peoples thoughts on different solutions to a problem, it kind of practiced ideation for us. When you’re designing it is important that you think outside the box, outside your own thoughts. I learned that it is more effective if you interview, ask questions, share your ideas, get feedbacks no matter how good and how bad they will be, and group talk is helpful.

Day4: Unfortunately I got sick from the AC at school….. From the slides, I totally agree with the idea that photoshop or illustrator skills are not the most important part of being a designer but the ability to articulate and describe storyline. Design is not about quantity of elements but quantity of values.

Day5: Overall lessons on design process was clear, well demonstrated by each student and well discussed. I think practicing how to talk to the group doing the presentation and getting critiques were very crucial.

Our fun class photo =]


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