Weekly report on the second week of classes!

day-6-Monday: Class went over different types of prototypes and why they’re important in design. I’ve never learend about specific aspects of prototypes so these informations were new and interesting to read and see. Our homework as a team was to analyze different cases where they used design for research. (gathering knowledge through design) This was interesting because design not only makes things convinient it is also used

day-7-Tuesday: Learend that research as part of design process is iimportant because doing research makes design acquire more knowledge that leads to a better design.

day-8-Wednesday: I’ve missed school due to family emergency.

day-9-Thursday:  The class was told to create concept for our final project. My concept was to reflect on the plastic problem in the ocean. “I am exploring creating an interactive user experience specifically for elementary school kids to find out how interactive activities and experience will affect the kids to take their own actions against plastic problem in the ocean. I’ll be approaching this problem through lens of kids”
We also went over how to do a good presentation.

day-10-Friday: Mock presentation was due. Lots of feedbacks! lots of new things learned! (ex: do my introduction, written concept, be specific, choose clear age range of audience, etc)

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