2 Train | Ellis Island

We took a break from website building and coding, and headed to Ellis Island for the morning. I enjoyed hearing the first hand accounts through the audio tour, including a memorable story about a boiled ham sandwich that welcomed one newcomer to to the US:...

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2 Train | Website inspiration

This past year, I saw two large-scale instillations that I keep thinking about: Tomás Saraceno's "Stillness in Motion — Cloud Cities" and Jacob Hashimoto's "Giants and Uncertain Atmospheres". I'll be using these forms and ideas as inspiration for my website....

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2 Train | Artists working with code

Phillip Stearns brings computer science and textiles together in Fragmented Memory (using Processing among other tools). Cyril Diagne, Nicolas Barradeau and Simon Doury let us explore a landscape of the world's artwork in the machine learning-generated t-SNE Map....

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