2 Train | Text Adventure

Organizations such as NASA, the European Space Agency, and the research collective behind the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) have been working tirelessly to find out if we are alone. A number of projects such as Project Phoenix scan the stars for signs of intelligent...

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Train 2 | Website Inspiration

I think the digital branding agency Pollen website inspires me a lot.  The first look of the web design is clean and simple. And when I scroll down, the pictures and the spirits of the projects show. it is very good example for my portfolio...

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2 Train | Creative Coding Project

Analysis, a music and art disc for the web, is a website built by Three js. and others audio Api.  I love this website and always watch the music visualization while listening to the music.!/   it is 3D computing graphic. Using Three js.  People can zoom...

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