2 Train | Interactive code for 2nd week

int num = 40; int[] x = new int[num]; int[] y= new int[num]; float range=100; void setup() { size(800, 800); noStroke(); } void draw() { background(0); translate(width/2, height/2); for(int a=10; a<mouseX+mouseY; a+=20){ rotate(5); strokeWeight(2); stroke(mouseX/10,mouseY/10,100); noFill(); rect(20, 20, a, 20); fill(255,102); for(int i=0;i<num-1; i++){ x[i]=x[i+1]; y[i]=y[i+1]; } frameRate(30); x[num-1]=mouseX+(int)random(-10,10); y[num-1]=mouseY+(int)random(-10,10); rect(200+random(-range,range),200+random(-range,range),10,10); fill(random(0,255),random(0,255),random(0,255),240); for(int k=0;k<num;k++){ rect(x[k]+random(-range,range),y[k]+random(-range,range),10,10); fill(random(0,255),random(0,255),random(0,255),240); } }   for(int a=10; a<mouseX+mouseY; a+=5){ rotate(.21); strokeWeight(2); stroke(149, 242, 250); noFill(); rect(100, 100, 80, 80); } for(int a=10; a<mouseX+mouseY; a+=2){ rotate(.5); strokeWeight(2); stroke(250, 255, 15); noFill(); rect(200, 200, 10, 80); a=a+2; }   }...

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2 Train | Text Adventure

You want to buy some vegetables from grocery, but find someone lost a wallet. You have several choice to do something. If you are honest, you will have something valuable, but if you are not honest, you will get punishment. ...

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2 Train | Inspiration for portfolio

I'm really impressed by the blur effect happened when the loads home, also its wireframe is pretty concise and different as you can see the navigation bar is on the left. The also is a good example for wireframe....

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