design statement (shuyang)

I am exploring _the lobby of the DT building on 12 floor_because I want to find out how __the lobby space can be more attractive__________ in order to ___give students chances to communicate with each other_______. I will be approaching this project from the lens of a...

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J-Design: Bolor_Day2_Homework_VideoAnalysis

“The Lucky Iron Fish” video analysis   Problems: Iron deficiency in Cambodia where almost 50% of the population (6 million) suffers from this preventable condition. 5 billion people worldwide suffer from iron deficiency making it a global problem. Inequality and unemployment resulting from disability and social isolation...

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J-train Design: Iron Fish Video Response

What is the problem? Millions of people are impacted by iron deficiencies due to food disparity and malnutrition. Access and socio-economic restraints inhibit many people from acquiring the appropriate daily value of iron intake. This results in fatigue, lower cognitive functioning, among other ailments that can...

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