7 Train. Some Design Inspirations

Upon studying Graphic & Communication design for my undergrad, I realized that I have a deep appreciation for art, typography & illustration. I am often drawn to simple solutions that use innovative methods & techniques. One of my favorite design studios is DIA: They're a studio...

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7-Design Design Inspiration

The Living Breathing Wall (Part I and Part II) Farahi explores the relationship between users and their environment, and specifically designed this project to evoke a sense of empathy. Technology, though often practical and helpful, tends not to interact with us in a empathic, or compassionate...

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7 – Train Summary of the week

At this week of design class we've learnt about general design process. We learn about how to mapping our ideas, several research methods and the resource we can use from Parsons and the internet. The most impressive part is the domain mapping. This is the...

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