Second Week Design Post

I REALLY could see my progress in this week. For day 6, I understand it is important to make simple paper prototype but emphasize the interaction. In my first paper prototype, I drew the app interfaces in one paper. In my second one, I cut...

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j-design: Pollution-prototypes

Design Statement: I am exploring the possibilities of reducing garbage because I want to find out how to reduce pollution in order to decrease pollution caused by burning of garbage. Self-preventive measure:   -------------------Story Board--------------------------------Mask to wear for self-prevention--------------Installation of more dustbins---------- Analysis : Failure of the Odd-even...

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M-Train Code Midterm

I try to make a text adventure of a person lost in the wood and try to make his way out of there. I try to tell the story with the help of text texture changing. I'm still working on it, hope everything turns out fine....

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