2 Train | Website inspiration

This past year, I saw two large-scale instillations that I keep thinking about: Tomás Saraceno's "Stillness in Motion — Cloud Cities" and Jacob Hashimoto's "Giants and Uncertain Atmospheres". I'll be using these forms and ideas as inspiration for my website....

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2 Train | Website Inspiration

James Turrell   James Turrell is an artist, his works usually involved and explore the relationship between light and space. I really like his index page, it is really clear what this wibsite is about– explore the work and learn more. It is very simple and straight forward,...

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M-Train: Personal Website Inspiration

INSPIRATIONS 1.Belmond: This is not a personal website, but I love the clear view it shows. The video on the home page is related to the content. And there are more details to explore, such as animation, menu layout. 2.Beaubourg: This website is easy to focus attention on...

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