Design Presentations and Reflection Week One: R-Train

Bootcamp Reflection Week 1:


In the first week of design DT Bootcamp 2018, our class has learned the beginning process of designing.  The first step in designing something is to come up with an idea, one that focuses on a problem to solve.  Mind maps and domain maps are helpful in the brainstorming process.  Another important step in the design process is doing background research.  We learned how to find a variety of sources using sites like Google Scholar or JSTOR.  In class, we were asked to find a solution to an environmental problem.  I choose to look at the problem of overcrowding in national parks.  After coming up with a problem and doing some background research we did a mind mapping exercise to inspire design solutions.  This brainstorming session helped me to come up with a 5-sense VR tool for people to explore national parks without visiting them.  We were asked to present on what we had done and learned various techniques for presenting effectively.

In the next two weeks of design class, I would like to learn more about different types of design like UX, graphic, or industrial.   This first week of DT Bootcamp has been a challenging and rewarding experience for me so far.  This has been a positive experience for me because I have enjoyed getting to know the second-year master students and the people in our class.  The lack of time during Bootcamp has been challenging.  We are in class all day and sometimes evenings with assigned homework which does not leave much time to explore New York or search for housing.    Most of the material I have learned this week has been review which has been especially useful in classes like code or web though that will likely change.  I am excited to see where DT Bootcamp leads to in the second week!

Pixel Presentation:

Environmental Project Presentation:

Bad/Good Design Presentation:

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