Designing Akshansh’s Perfect Wallet

It came to my great surpise this past Tuesday when everyone was brought out to the lobby in order to use the design methods we had learned towards making wallet prototypes for each other. I paired up with Akshansh as we both saw each other and noticed we did not have a partner. When I interviewed Akshansh I asked him about how he viewed his wallet as a personal item, an item of utility, and as an item of his identity. These are all things that I find important with my wallet so I wanted to see how he would answer, instead of asking pure questions about the affordances and utility of the wallet.


After asking these I found that Akshansh was looking for a wallet that was minimal and also functional for quick access to identification cards and his keys. I also found that because of this Akshansh had a second wallet that he kept in his bag which held his money and larger items. I decided that in response to this I would make a wallet that was modular, and could let Akshansh choose what type of functionality he wanted his wallet to have depending on the day.

Akshansh said that he liked the wallet and that if he was looking for a new wallet this alternative may be an option if developed further.

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