Field trip to Ellis Island

I really enjoy the trip to Ellis Island because I think it’s not only a time for me to have a great time with my classmates but also a time to understand the history of Immigrations who came to the US better lives.

As an immigrate to the US, I was surprised to find out that Ellis Island had played such an important part of US history, it’s an island that brings people hope for new lives but also the sadness of rejection, I was also surprised to see how well organized the island is, in terms of how providing facilities such as accommodation, hospitality, and education etc. for millions of immigrates.

I now have a better understanding not only of the island itself but also of the US history, it’s surprising to know that about 40% of Americans can trace their family history back to Ellis Island, I now understand how places such as New York became a melting pot for different cultures, and the different cultures then became the unique identity of American – a country with united nations.

Overall I really enjoy the trip to Ellis Island, I think I would recommend anyone who first comes to the US to visit the island and the statue of liberty because they truly represent what the United States stands for.



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