J-Code: Mike Brondbjerg

Mike Brondbjerg is a designer, a developer, and an artist working in data visualization, information design, web applications and generative design. He uses a range of technology including Processing, Arduino, HTML, JS, CSS, D3JS & WebGL. The works shown below are primarily made with Processing and algorithms. But although code is the medium, the final product is art. Abstract, beautiful, unique, and data driven.

Dead Presidents

Processing was used to import and break apart the SVG artwork,
and animate each polygon algorithmically in 3D space.

Generative Still Life

Using an algorithmic process, this project samples the underlying color and form
from Rikard Osterlund’s “Flowers” image to create a 3D “model” of the flowers.
Once the model was acquired, it was then used as I kind of 3D brush
to slowly paint the following images.

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