L train design: Shenyue’s weekly post

From Day1 we have done a brief introduction of ourselves. We learnt different kinds of mapping including domain map, mind map, concept map, topic map, etc., which are used for generating ideas and organizing what we have thought about. On Day 2 we presented a good design and a bad design one by one. Then, we went through the method of conducting research. Also we were introduced various sources that we can get information from and the steps we have to perform during researches. On Day3 we went through the ideation and we did a group work to do brainstorming about problems we found. On Day4, we did an exercise about storyboard which helped us to figure out whether the product brings to users benefits or problems. It helped us a lot on thinking a solution from users’ angle. On the last day, we presented a project we did in the past which let us to practice our presentation skills.

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