L-TRAIN- Midterm Reflection, Obermeyer

Weekly Reflection:

Phew! That was a long week!

During the first week of bootcamp, we focused on creating a foundation for basic web building, the design process, and programming structures. We’ve also started to think about our final presentations and projects. For my midterm project for web, I created a website for one of my cats, Little Kitty. In the process of designing the site, I created a domain map, a mood board, and did competitor research to come up with the content and style of the site. In design class, I analyzed the norman door to our web classroom as well as presented a project I did with Estee Lauder while I was working at Vengo. Here are my presentations:




I’m beginning to think about my final project for the code portion, and I think I’d like to use Arduino to create a Morse Code interpreter and button input. I was inspired by a project we were doing in class and the reading we were assigned before bootcamp, Code. I also really like spy movies. I’ve started thinking about what the physical desvice will look and plan on doing more research on Morse Code devices. I think I will add to my dog’s website for the web final.

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