L Train: Week 1 summary

First week summary

This is the first week in DT, Bootcamp.During this week, we learnt some design methods to build a design concept in Design class. We also studied basic knowledge about html/css and processing.

In Design class, we did a lot presentations to show our design ideas. As an international student, it was my first time to give a speech in public in English, which always made me nervous at first. I found that the key point is to be confident and make a list to clarify the thoughts . Also, practicing a lot can work well on all stress and anxiety. And it’s really important that you should introduce yourself at first !

Meanwhile, we did domain map, brainstorm, storyboard to get a deeper insight into “research process”. The “Domain Map”  help me to think about a problem in different dimensions. I believe that no matter how creative a “Design idea” you make, the research process is the most important part to support and test a design thinking.

Without coding experience, I try my best to understand the syntax and the usage of  html/css and processing. Certainly, we just learnt the basic knowledge in the first week. And I found it is quite interesting to create some animations with css. However, like what Sven said,  the technical tools are just supplements to show design ideas. We should focus on the concept or a problem we want to solve, instead of what kinds of ideas are better to use by a specific tool. 

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